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Teeth Whitening

Get the pearly white smile you’ve always dreamed of

After years of drinking coffee, sipping red wine, and eating artificially coloured foods, many people experience a decline in their natural tooth colour. At Opal Dental, we offer high quality teeth whitening in West Auckland.

Using industry-renowned solutions, we lighten your teeth to a shade that is sure to impress. Our training and refined expertise allow us to achieve natural results that still manage to set you apart.

Safe teeth whitening from a dental team

When you want a teeth whitening service that’s both safe and effective, always use a team of professional dentists. We’re able to access the solution strengths that deliver real results  while whitening your teeth in the safest way to ensure your gums and soft tissues are protected and get the best results.

There are two ways of achieving the pearly whites you have always longed for:

1. In Chair Whitening

You can have “instant” whitening done in the chair by a member of our team. We will examine your teeth and check their current shade. From there we will discuss what you can expect from the procedure. 

Next, we will apply a protective coating on your gums, along with the whitening gel. To accelerate your treatment and achieve instant results, we will use a blue light that activates the gel. Depending on the current shade of your teeth, you may need more than one treatment over a period of time to achieve your ideal results.

2. Whitening at home

If you prefer to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace, then a personalised whitening kit is the right choice for you. We check the shade of your teeth and then make moulds that fit them. With these moulds, we can create whitening trays that fit your teeth perfectly. 

Using a fitted tray like this keeps the whitening gel exactly where it should be; on your teeth. Unlike the kits you buy off the shelves, our versions feature dental-strength teeth whitening solutions, so you can be assured of getting the best results. You have control over your whitening process, but the full whitening course may take between three days and two weeks depending on the shade of your teeth.

An added benefit to having your own whitening trays and whitening gel is that you can make sure your teeth are looking white and bright all year round. Wearing your whitening trays and gel once a week not only keeps your teeth looking their whitest, but is also shown to have an anti-decay benefit. So, it’s really a win-win situation!
If you have whitened your teeth before and need to do so again, or you want to maintain your pearly smile but have run out of your whitening gel, ask us for more at your check-up appointment, or pop into Opal dental, where we have the gels in stock.

For the very best results, stick to a regular schedule of whitening, and use the home whitening kit immediately after a professional dental clean removes external staining and tartar. This ensures maximum penetration of the whitening gel.

Enhancing your smile, the right way

One of the easiest ways to enhance your smile is to make it whiter. Whiter teeth tend to be more socially desirable, and they make a big statement about your standards of self-care.

Other benefits to using our teeth whitening service include:

  • A big boost to your confidence
  • You can undo years of staining
  • It’s a cost-effective solution for enhancing your smile

After your treatment takes place, you may experience some mild temporary sensitivity. If you’re concerned about this, please ask a member of the dental team for further advice.

To learn more about our teeth whitening services or to make an appointment, call 09 834 6359. Alternatively, you can use our online booking system.

I started using Opal Dental in Te Atatu Peninsula 2 weeks ago and I can honesty say I am so please I went to them, I am so happy with the team there, really welcoming and friendly.
Dentist Charlene did my work and is one of the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to, she’s patient, friendly, careful and most of all caring. She takes pride in her work and gives the best results. Her work is outstanding, makes me want to go back and get the rest of my work done. So happy and THANKYOU!
Kerry Faulkner
Dr Charlene Borges recently replaced a six tooth bridge with a seven tooth bridge on my lower jaw. This incorporates all of my incisors and eye teeth aswell as a pre molar. The new bridge feels and looks amazing. The work is a true testament to Charlenes skill. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality dental work.

Thanks Charlene, you're the best.

Jason Allbon

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