518 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula, 0610
518 Te Atatu Road, Atatu Peninsula, 0610
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Dental Check Ups & Dental Clean

A Brilliant, Healthy Smile is Just a Visit Away

At Opal Dental, we understand you want to put your best smile forward. The right dental check-up is the basis to help you do so, and that’s why we treat it as vitally important. Our professionals use some of the most modern technology to make sure your teeth and gums are as clean and healthy as possible. You’ll leave confident thanks to a smile that shines. When it’s time for your dental check-up, you want a dentist who is thorough and gentle. Opal Dental is the right place because we take the time to listen to you. You’ll really smile — not only from having a healthy mouth but also from our kind treatment of all our patients. Naturally, you will want to know what to expect from a dental check-up at our clinic. Here is more information about what it involves.

Routine Dental Check-Up

Whether it’s been a while since you last had a check-up or you are simply looking to maintain your dental health, a dental check-up involves examining the condition of your entire mouth. The dentist will look at your teeth, gums, and bite along with the soft tissues of your mouth both individually and as a whole. Every six months is the typical schedule for regular dental check-ups. We also take x-rays as part of a thorough examination; they are done every two years but may be taken sooner if required. Having a checkup regularly not only keeps you in the loop with your oral health but also means that any problems that may arise can be addressed at an early state. Early diagnosis usually means less costly and invasive treatment.

Cleaning of Teeth and Gums

A dental check-up concludes with a thorough cleaning (prophylaxis) of the surface of your teeth and gums. The dental cleaning is a preventative measure that goes beyond a toothbush’s ability to remove only plaque (which can harden into tartar) but also removes any stains and hardened build-up of tartar. Having a dental clean regularly, prevents gum disease, bleeding and inflammation of your gums.

When to Get a Dental Check-Up

At Opal Dental, we highly recommend visiting every six months for checkups. Doing so will allow us to prevent dental health problems and spot any minor issues that we can quickly and easily treat. However, if you have any urgent questions or concerns about anything dealing with your teeth and mouth, please contact us as soon as possible. Visit us today to make your best smile a reality, starting with a dental check-up. Bookings are available, and new patients are welcome. Onsite parking and wheelchair access are available. Call us on 09 8346359, email us at reception@opaldental.co.nz or use our online booking system.

Children 13-18 years old receive free dental

I started using Opal Dental in Te Atatu Peninsula 2 weeks ago and I can honesty say I am so please I went to them, I am so happy with the team there, really welcoming and friendly.
Dentist Charlene did my work and is one of the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to, she’s patient, friendly, careful and most of all caring. She takes pride in her work and gives the best results. Her work is outstanding, makes me want to go back and get the rest of my work done. So happy and THANKYOU!
Kerry Faulkner
Dr Charlene Borges recently replaced a six tooth bridge with a seven tooth bridge on my lower jaw. This incorporates all of my incisors and eye teeth aswell as a pre molar. The new bridge feels and looks amazing. The work is a true testament to Charlenes skill. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality dental work.

Thanks Charlene, you're the best.

Jason Allbon

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We are located at 518 Te Atatu Road, Te Atatu Peninsula and have onsite parking with wheelchair access. Telephone: 09 834 6359 Email: reception@opaldental.co.nz
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