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Treatment of Gum Disease & Periodontal Disease

Tackling gum infections at the source

In many cases, you can treat gum disease by maintaining good oral hygiene, along with regular scaling and polishing

When that’s no longer possible, the team here at Opal Dental can step in.

Gum disease is precisely what the name suggests: a condition that’s affecting your gums. Usually, it’s a growth of bad bacteria and it can come with symptoms such as bleeding when you brush your teeth, bad breath, or swollen and bleeding gums.

Tackling gum disease step-by-step 

At Opal Dental, we always make sure our approach to gum disease is proportionate and appropriate. In some cases, we may recommend using a particular mouthwash to help stabilise your gum health. In addition to this, we’ll check your usual oral health routine and suggest changes where necessary.

If the build-up of plaque on your teeth is extensive, we can carry out a scale and polish. This is a professional cleaning service that dental hygienists can perform and it removes hardened plaque from the surface of your teeth. If there’s a lot of plaque present, you may need more than one treatment.

Advanced periodontal techniques

A more advanced form of gum disease is called periodontitis. Periodontitis is where tartar built up under the gums causes gum swelling, bleeding, bad breath and the recession of bone and gum tissue. Treating periodontitis involves cleaning the tartar from under your gums by a deep clean or root planning, usually under local anaesthetic. You may initially need a few rounds of treatment for the disease to stabilise. Additionally, maintenance of your gum health will include regular cleaning at Opal Dental. You may also be given a medicated mouthwash and specialised brushes to clean in between your teeth as part of your home care routine. Periodontal disease, when left unchecked, can lead to teeth becoming loose, resulting in the need to remove them.

The advantages of tackling gum disease head on

The earlier you address your gum disease, the better. In its initial phases, gum disease may be mildly problematic. For example, you might experience a little blood when you brush your teeth and then forget all about it.

If you allow the problem to worsen, you’re placing yourself on a path to a bigger infection. Some of the benefits of gum disease treatment include:

  • Reducing your risk of a serious infection
  • Giving you fresh breath again
  • Preventing pain following brushing your teeth
  • Reducing the risk of medical conditions such as diabetes causing periodontal disease.
  • Preventing teeth from loosening over time.

At Opal Dental, we’ll always recommend the most suitable treatment for your gum disease. After attending your appointment, you can prolong our work with an excellent oral hygiene routine.
To make an appointment to address your gum disease, try our online booking form. Alternatively, you can call 09 834 6359.

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I started using Opal Dental in Te Atatu Peninsula 2 weeks ago and I can honesty say I am so please I went to them, I am so happy with the team there, really welcoming and friendly.
Dentist Charlene did my work and is one of the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to, she’s patient, friendly, careful and most of all caring. She takes pride in her work and gives the best results. Her work is outstanding, makes me want to go back and get the rest of my work done. So happy and THANKYOU!
Kerry Faulkner
Dr Charlene Borges recently replaced a six tooth bridge with a seven tooth bridge on my lower jaw. This incorporates all of my incisors and eye teeth aswell as a pre molar. The new bridge feels and looks amazing. The work is a true testament to Charlenes skill. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality dental work.

Thanks Charlene, you're the best.

Jason Allbon

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