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Dental Implants

Replace missing teeth with dental implants

When you’re looking for a fixed solution to replace missing teeth, dental implants might spring to mind. At Opal Dental, we provide dental implants to our patients throughout West Auckland.

When you have one or more teeth missing, it’s natural to seek a stable solution. As dental implants fuse into your jaw bone, they provide a long lasting fixed solution for missing teeth. We use the latest industry techniques to make sure your implants are placed in the best possible way and look natural.

A long-lasting solution for replacing missing teeth

When you’re suffering because one or more teeth are missing, there are lots of options ahead. Although you can consider dentures and bridges, sometimes they’re not appropriate.

Unlike bridges, dental implants don’t rely on surrounding teeth to support them. Instead, they’re surgically placed into to your jawbone, giving them a more independent sense of longevity. 

There are many situations where implants could be considered:

  1. Replacement of 1 single missing tooth with a single implant and implant crown.
  2. Replacement of 2 or more adjacent teeth with multiple implants and an implant bridge.
  3. Placing 2 or more implants to provide extra stability to existing dentures.

Protecting your health throughout the procedure

Before we place your dental implants, we’ll need to check the health of your gums. Active gum disease will play a role in the longevity of implant success. Because of this, making sure you’re free from gum disease will be our priority before we place the implants.

In addition to ensuring you have great gum health, we’ll need to make sure you have adequate jawbone available to place the implants, and there are no contraindications with your medical history. Once you’ve met both of these criteria, your dentist will place the implants. After they’ve had a chance to heal over the course of two to three months, we can attach crowns or dentures that replace your missing teeth. Overall, this process lasts for two or more appointments, as well as post-procedure appointments.

The advantages of using dental implants

If you have the choice of dentures and bridges too, you may be wondering why you should choose dental implants. Some of our top reasons include:

  • Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth
  • They’re a fixed solution
  • Eating and speaking become easier
  • You’ll experience a confidence boost
  • They’re a durable solution for replacing missing teeth
  • They can add stability to dentures

If you have questions about our dental implants in West Auckland, we’re happy to answer them. You can make an appointment using our online booking system or you can call us on 09 834 6359.

Emergency appointments on request

I started using Opal Dental in Te Atatu Peninsula 2 weeks ago and I can honesty say I am so please I went to them, I am so happy with the team there, really welcoming and friendly.
Dentist Charlene did my work and is one of the most amazing dentist I’ve ever been to, she’s patient, friendly, careful and most of all caring. She takes pride in her work and gives the best results. Her work is outstanding, makes me want to go back and get the rest of my work done. So happy and THANKYOU!
Kerry Faulkner
Dr Charlene Borges recently replaced a six tooth bridge with a seven tooth bridge on my lower jaw. This incorporates all of my incisors and eye teeth aswell as a pre molar. The new bridge feels and looks amazing. The work is a true testament to Charlenes skill. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of quality dental work.

Thanks Charlene, you're the best.

Jason Allbon

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