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Why you need regular dental check-ups2

Oct 13, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

According to the New Zealand Dental Council, dental check-ups should take place every six months. Most check-ups don’t take too much of your time, yet the benefits could last a lifetime.

If you’re wondering why dental checkups are so important, we’re here to explain.

Maintaining oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is something that starts at home. If you’re going to enhance yours, receiving professional advice from a dentist will take you a long way.

Taking your child for a regular dental check-up gives your dentist a chance to provide you with oral hygiene tips. It also ensures your child begins to prioritise their own oral hygiene too.

When you help your child build good oral hygiene habits early, they’ll experience lifelong dental benefits.

As for yourself, your dentist can let you know whether your current routine is working and what to change. They will perform a scale and polish to remove plaque and bolster the efforts you’re making at home.

Securing your oral health

Lots of factors affect your oral health. In addition to your regular cleaning routine, new medical conditions and medications play a role.
When you see your dentist every six months, they’ll monitor the way your oral health changes alongside your lifestyle. Depending on your age, this also gives them a chance to monitor changes and make recommendations accordingly.

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Checking soft tissues

Monitoring and checking your soft tissues is as important as checking your teeth and jaw. When your dentist detects the earlier signs of gum disease, they can make recommendations that prevent significant dental infections. As a result, you’ll save yourself a whole world of pain.

As you get older, the need to check your soft tissues becomes even more important. Changes to your health may leave you more vulnerable, especially if you develop a condition such as diabetes. Seeing your dentist regularly allows them to monitor such changes as they evolve, so they can introduce interventions sooner rather than later.

Preventing small issues from becoming big ones

All significant dental problems start out as something small. A minor infection that produces a twinge now has the potential to grow into a larger issue that requires extensive work. In worst case scenarios, small infections may turn into abscesses. When your dentist has the chance to intervene early, their interventions are much smaller.

Similarly, attending your dental check-up gives them the opportunity to spot impacted wisdom teeth. Understanding more about your wisdom teeth early allows practitioners to provide custom treatment options.

Saving money

Ultimately, spotting dental problems early costs you less in the long run. When your dentist addresses a small issue, they require fewer tools, shorter appointment times, and less anaesthetic. As problems grow larger, so does the appointment time. If they grow to the point where you need heavy anaesthesia, the costs grow even greater still.

With all this in mind, try to see your dental check-up as saving three things: time, money, and pain. Dedicating just an hour a year to sitting in your dentist’s chair is one of the most proactive things you can do for your oral health.

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