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Let’s take a look at cleaning between your teeth, whether that’s by flossing or using interdental brushes or a water flossing device.

We’re going to explain why it’s so important for your oral health and give you some tips on cleaning between your teeth successfully.

It’s not just about brushing!

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste is the cornerstone of good oral hygiene.

But you should think of it as just one of the things you need to do for great dental care.

Another important aspect of dental health is cleaning between your teeth. That’s because plaque and food debris can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of your mouth and lead to a number of problems.

These include halitosis, also known as bad breath, caused by decaying food that is trapped in between your teeth.

You may also suffer from gum disease, which can happen when plaque comes into contact with the gums over a prolonged period.

In the early stages, gum disease is known as gingivitis. One of the most common symptoms is bleeding gums. If it’s spotted and treated early on, there’s a good chance you can restore your full dental health.

However, if it gets to a later stage, known as periodontitis, the symptoms may be much more serious and can include bone and tooth loss. At this stage, your dentist will only be able to help you manage the condition, not reverse it.

Did you know there is also a link between your gut and dental health? If you don’t keep on top of your oral hygiene, including cleaning between your teeth, the bacteria in your mouth can find their way into your bloodstream. This can disrupt your immune system, trigger infections and even increase your risk of heart disease.


Flossing once a day is an effective way of keeping the space between your mouth clean and free of debris.

It’s pretty straightforward but if you’re unsure of how to floss properly, ask your dentist for advice.

There are lots of benefits of flossing. It helps you get rid of plaque around and between your teeth and along your gumline.

It also helps reduce the risk of bad breath, gum disease, cavities and, as we’ve mentioned earlier, even serious conditions like heart disease.

Flossing alternatives

You can also use a small brush for cleaning between the teeth, known as an interdental brush. It’s a bit like a tiny toothbrush and is perfect for cleaning between the teeth and around fixed braces.

You may also want to try a water flossing device, which directs a stream of water in between your teeth at high pressure.

What else do I need to know about keeping my mouth healthy?

Another important part of your regime to keep those spaces between your teeth clean is to see your hygienist.

They can give your teeth and the spaces between them a thorough clean and get to those hard-to-reach places.

Come along and see us!

Now you know how important it is to keep those spaces clean and free of debris, you can have a go at home yourself with floss, a water flosser or brushes.

And don’t forget to keep up with your regular check-ups and cleaning.

Come along and see us at Opal Dental. We’re your local dentist for the West Auckland area, providing a range of dentistry services from children’s dental care to every aspect of adult dental care.

Give us a call to make your next appointment, and together we’ll keep those teeth — and the spaces between them — sparkling clean!

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