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Did you know that food, drink and oral health are closely linked? In fact, your diet and nutrition can have a big impact on the state of your teeth, mouth and gums.

That’s why we’ve highlighted the best food and drink for healthy teeth and gums in our latest article.

We’ll take you through five of the top items that dentists recommend to keep that smile strong and healthy. And it’s good to know that each food or drink mentioned is easy to include in your everyday diet and is packed full of lots of other health benefits too!

1. Dairy products

Top of our list of food and drink good for teeth is dairy products, so make sure you include plenty of yoghurt, milk and cheese in your diet to benefit from its high calcium content.

Calcium is essential for little ones with growing teeth and bones and also plays a protective role for any existing teeth by strengthening enamel and repairing damage caused by acid. So to avoid fillings at the dentist, reach for that daily glass of milk or pot of yoghurt!

2. Spinach

Another nutritious food that’s packed full of vital calcium is spinach. This green, leafy vegetable is renowned for its nutritional value and contains high levels of iron and vitamins A, B9, C and K1 too.

What’s extra special about spinach is the plant compounds it contains, which are great for your overall health and well-being. These include quercetin, which can help protect against inflammation and infection, making it excellent for gum health.

3. Carrots

Carrots can benefit your teeth in several different ways. They make a tooth-friendly snack with their crunchy texture, helping to clean your teeth and massage your gums, boosting circulation.

They’re also packed with vitamin A and keratin, which can both help to repair tooth enamel.

4. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…so the saying goes. It could also keep your dentist visits to a minimum thanks to its fibre content, which can act as a natural toothbrush buffing away food debris, and acid content, which helps ward off the bacteria that can cause tooth and gum infections.

And just like spinach, apples also contain the compound quercetin to help keep inflammation and infection at bay.

5. Still water

If you’re wondering what to drink for good teeth, look no further than still water. It’s a healthy alternative to juices and soft drinks, which can be highly acidic and erode tooth enamel.

Instead, water will help enable saliva production. Saliva is essential for retaining your mouth’s healthy pH balance and washing away bacteria and food debris, protecting your teeth from decay in the process.

Food and drink that’s good is also delicious!

It’s clear to see that food that’s good for teeth and gums is also delicious, easy to include in your diet and packed full of many other health benefits!

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