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If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you are not alone.

Chances are it’s a common problem that your dentist can help you with. It’s also good to know what to do before you get to your dental surgery.

We take a look at the five most common dental problems and how to deal with them in this latest article.

1. Chipped, cracked or broken tooth

A chipped, cracked or broken tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies we see here at Opal Dental.

If your tooth is just chipped, contact us for a regular appointment. In the meantime, be careful while you are eating so you don’t damage it further.

If your tooth is cracked or broken, you’ll need an emergency appointment. Rinse your mouth out with warm water, apply ice to the affected area and keep any broken segments of the tooth to take with you to the dentist’s.

2. Knocked-out tooth

If your tooth has been fully knocked out, pick it up carefully by the crown (top part), not by the root. Try to gently place it back in its socket without using any force. If this isn’t possible, place it in the space between your gum and cheek or in a small container of milk.

You’ll need an emergency appointment — you’ll increase the chances of saving your tooth if you receive treatment within an hour of it being knocked out.

3. Loose tooth

Another common issue is a loose or partially dislodged tooth. See if you can apply light pressure to put it back in its original position. Take over-the-counter painkillers if required and apply ice to the affected area.

Finally, give us a call to get that emergency appointment.

4. Severe toothache

A severe toothache can be a distressing experience that may be a sign of any number of dental issues.

Try rinsing your mouth out with warm water and gently flossing to see if it’s caused by debris getting stuck in between your teeth.

If your pain continues, come and see us for an emergency appointment so we can work out what’s wrong.

5. Sudden swelling of your face or mouth

Sudden swelling of your face or mouth is often because of an abscess or infection in your tooth or gum. This can get serious quickly, so make sure you come and see us straight away.

As well as swelling, you may experience sharp or throbbing pain that may spread to your ear, neck or jawbone.

If left untreated, a dental infection could spread to your jaw, the soft tissues in your face and neck or even further to your heart or brain — that’s why you must come and see us without delay.

Trust Opal Dental for help and advice

Common dental emergencies include a range of issues that can all be dealt with by the team here at Opal Dental.

If you are affected by any of these or other problems not listed here, give us a call.

We reserve a number of slots for emergencies every day, which means we should be able to treat you with little delay.

If you’re unsure whether your issue is an emergency or not, simply reach out to us so we can assess your problem and advise you on the next steps.

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