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Do teeth-whitening products really work?

There’s nothing more attractive than a clean, white smile. But how do you decide which whitening option to choose to brighten up your look? If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Do teeth-whitening products work?’ or are simply looking for help deciding which treatment to use,...

8 reasons why you might need a dental x-ray

Dental x-rays are useful for identifying issues that might not be visible by examination alone. If this is something you’re concerned about, then keep reading as we explain the reasons for a dental x-ray. In most cases, they’re routine — so try not to be worried. You...

All you need to know about tooth sensitivity

If you experience shooting pain in your teeth, especially when you consume cold food or drinks, you may suffer from tooth sensitivity. In this article, we explain the causes behind this uncomfortable condition and what solutions are out there to help relieve it. What...

Teeth whitening: what you need to know

If you long for a brighter smile but don’t know where to start, take a look at our guide to teeth whitening. We answer all your questions about the best teeth whitening so you can take the first steps to that dazzling smile you’ve always wanted! Who’s a good candidate...
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