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Opal Dental Blog

At Opal Dental, we want to help you protect your oral health. That’s why our talented team of dentists has created their very own blog. In addition to the latest news about our practice, you’ll benefit from free advice on taking care of your oral health. From everyday guides through to specialist areas such as wisdom teeth, we cover it all. And for those of you who are seeking cosmetic work, we feature the latest news on services such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

What’s the difference between silver and white fillings?

No one likes the idea of getting a filling, but the more you know about them, the easier it will be. And if you’ve heard about the different types of filling available, you may want to find out more about which is best for you. So in this article, we’re going to take a look […]

How does my dental health affect the rest of my wellbeing?

Did you know that dental hygiene and health issues are closely linked? Poor dental hygiene poses health risks, increasing your chances of some serious diseases. We’re going to take a look at the relationship between your dental health and wellbeing in our latest article. The link explained Gum disease is related to several serious conditions […]

What is dental abrasion?

Dental abrasion is when your teeth lose some of their enamel, leaving them sensitive and not looking their best. It can be uncomfortable, but your dentist can help you with it. It’s also good to know how it happens and what you can do to avoid it in the future. We’ve put this article together […]

How can I get my child into good dental habits?

As a parent, you’ll want to gift your child good health and great habits that last a lifetime. This includes teaching your child an oral hygiene routine that will give them a beautiful smile — for life! We show you how with your children’s dental health tips that are easy and fun to follow. 1. […]

Thumbsucking and your child’s oral health

Thumbsucking is a very common childhood habit. In fact, it’s a natural reflex that comforts a child and can even start when they are in the womb. In many cases, it doesn’t cause problems and children simply grow out of the habit in time. But prolonged thumbsucking affects oral health and is something a parent […]

How to care for your oral health and the environment too

Looking after your teeth and gums is something you practise every day… so why not do it with the environment in mind too? Oral health care for the environment is a growing movement that aims to promote responsible choices when it comes to choosing your toothbrush and making other decisions related to oral care. Let’s take […]

Top 5 foods and drinks for oral health

Did you know that food, drink and oral health are closely linked? In fact, your diet and nutrition can have a big impact on the state of your teeth, mouth and gums. That’s why we’ve highlighted the best food and drink for healthy teeth and gums in our latest article. We’ll take you through five […]

Looking after your teeth and gums when you are older

As you get older, you may experience age-related issues to do with your dental health. We’re going to take a look at some of these topics in our latest post, as well as older people’s dental care. Dental problems in the elderly With the right dental care routine and help from your dentist, you can […]

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