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Opal Dental Blog

At Opal Dental, we want to help you protect your oral health. That’s why our talented team of dentists has created their very own blog. In addition to the latest news about our practice, you’ll benefit from free advice on taking care of your oral health. From everyday guides through to specialist areas such as wisdom teeth, we cover it all. And for those of you who are seeking cosmetic work, we feature the latest news on services such as anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers.

Know your tooth anatomy!

If you don’t already know how your tooth is structured, now’s the time to find out! In this post, we explain the differences between the types of teeth and explain your tooth anatomy and function. We also discover what happens when there is an issue with any one of the parts of your teeth. Read […]

Is gum disease reversible?

Did you know that three out of 10 adults in Australia have moderate to severe gum disease? This makes it a common condition, affecting many of us. We’re going to take a look at gum disease in our latest post and explain its causes and how you can prevent it. We’ll also answer the question “Is gum disease […]

Getting braces? Tips you need to know

Getting braces is a rite of passage for many teenagers — and it can be a milestone for adults too! If you’re getting braces, tips to help you through those first few days can make all the difference. That’s what’s on offer in this blog post, so you’ll find out how to get used to […]

How does smoking affect your teeth?

If you’ve ever wondered, “Does smoking affect the teeth?”, this article is for you. If you’re thinking of giving up and need something to motivate you, read our post on the effects of smoking on your teeth. We’ll explain what these are, as well as the effects of quitting smoking on the teeth and gums…it […]

6 reasons why you should replace missing teeth

If you’ve got a tooth missing, you may not be worried about it if it’s not too noticeable. In fact, you may be wondering, Why is it important to replace missing teeth? But there are some good reasons why you should replace missing teeth — and we’re going to give you six of these in our latest […]

My teeth are stained — what’s the cause?

Even if you take care of your teeth, brushing and flossing every day, you may find that they are not as white as you’d like. If you have yellow, stained teeth, the causes will be something you want to know about — know that there are lots of reasons and yellow teeth are not something […]

How stress can affect your teeth

Have you ever wondered, ‘Can stress and anxiety affect your teeth?’ or suspected that your state of mind is causing problems with your oral health? These are the topics we’re going to explore in our latest blog, looking at how your emotional wellbeing can affect your teeth and gums. We’ll discover some conditions associated with […]

6 foods that can cause bad breath

No one wants bad breath, so it’s important to know the causes behind it. In this post, we’re going to explain what foods cause bad breath — and give you some tips to keep your mouth smelling sweet too. 1. Garlic Most of us love garlic because of its ability to add flavour and depth […]

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